AEO Certification

Quality: AEO Certification

Safe, fast and reliable. That’s what we stand for. And that’s why we are constantly investing in the quality of our services. We guarantee quality with a quality management system and annual team training. In addition, we have AEO certification for the customs. View the certificate here

Quality management system

We work with 4Mfocus which connects all our systems and processes within one framework. This means that we always have the right information available for our clients.

Transparent chain

Our AEO Customs Simplification and Safety certificate shows that we have the Authorised Economic Operator status for the customs. We want the chain to be as transparent and safe as possible. That’s why we work AEO certified transport companies.


The AEO certificate offers several advantages:

  • fewer physical and document checks
  • priority for checks
  • on request, a check can take place at a certain place
  • no check on previously checked criteria with respect to a later permit application
  • prior notification about checks
  • fewer details required in the entry summary declaration
  • recognition of AEO safety certification by other countries (outside the EU)

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