Customs formalities

Your destination and type of goods determine what documents you need for import and export. Snijders Douane Agenten know which papers are required and ensures that they are completed correctly and in full. This prevents any unnecessary delay when sending or receiving your goods.

Here are some of the documents we prepare every day for our clients:

  • Import and export clearance
  • Transit/ NCTS documents for departure and destination
  • Tax representation (tax benefits, VAT benefits)
  • Client declaration for fruit and vegetables (phytosanitary freight)
  • Common Entry Document (CED) for veterinary freight like fish and meat
  • Managing phytosanitary and veterinary inspections
  • Drawing up provenance and origin documents such as an A.TR, T2L , T2LF, EUR.1 and a certificate of origin

We know our way around

For import or export, you need customs documents. We are familiar with customs formalities and can quickly organise these papers for you. Both in Europe and outside. We work together with agents all over the world and are your reliable partner to ensure a smooth transit.

We offer you a complete package of services related to customs formalities. For example, we advise you the moment that you are considering import or export, we manage the completion and screening of your logistic planning and we handle all the customs formalities.

Our professional and qualified declarants support and optimise your customs affairs completely independently. Whether this is at your office or on the border.

Your own customs desk

We work almost entirely digitally. As a result, we can deliver all the required documents fast and in full. We manage your files with care and can provide the required information at any stage of your application.

What our clients say about us: Fugro Engineers B.V.

Customs formalities

We are familiar with all the customs formalities and can quickly arrange all the customs documents for you. In Europe and beyond.

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We also manage your freight transport, groupage transport, forwarding, transhipment and storage. Worldwide.

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Are you looking for expert customs advice? We are specialised in customs and tax formalities.

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