About Fenex

Snijders Douane Agenten is a member of FENEX, the Netherlands association of forwarding and logistics. Membership is subject to strict admission requirements with regard to service continuity. We record our processes and 4MFocus evaluations in our quality management system and keep the knowledge and skills of our team up-to-date.

For over 100 years, FENEX, the Netherlands association of forwarding and logistics, has represented the interests of nearly 400 national organisations. This representation is aimed at strengthening the position of the associated forwarding agents/logistic service providers in the Netherlands.

FENEX Guarantee Fund

FENEX forwarding agents are constantly trying to improve the quality, continuity and manageability of logistic systems. In order to emphasise the reliability of FENEX forwarding agents, FENEX has introduced a guarantee fund. This guarantee fund means that if a FENEX forwarding agent goes bankrupt, under certain conditions the FENEX Guarantee Fund will compensate the client for any financial losses. FENEX forwarding agents therefore stand surety for each other.

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